Jonathan faceJonathan Hedstrom  CEO & Lead Hardware Developer: Jonathan holds a BS triple major in Electrical Eng., Physics, and Mathematics from Univ. of Wisconsin Madison and a MS Electrical Eng. degree from Boston University with a focus on digital signal processing. For the 5 years prior to joining Dr. Farhang’s lab, he worked at the federally funded research and development center MIT Lincoln Laboratory in a rapid-prototyping group focused on breakthrough RF technologies. His primary roles included FPGA and real-time C programming on software defined radios (SDR) where he was technical lead on several successful projects. He has experience on all aspects of rapid-prototyping from program conception through to commercialization and release. His final success at Lincoln was the commercialization of a prototype MIMO technology with an initial government contract worth $6 million. As the lead hardware engineer, Jonathan is the driving force behind the companies IP core development effort.

George YuenDr. Chung Him (George) Yuen  CTO & Lead Software Developer: Focused on advanced MIMO techniques, he has broad experience with the technology that Farhang Wireless is built upon. He is proficient in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), channel estimation methods, and channel coding methods (convolutional coding, turbo coding, and LDPC). George combines all components of the MIMO communication system together in a simulation environment.

Behrouz FarhangProf. Behrouz Farhang – Chairman: Prof. Farhang has over 30 years of research experience in signal processing and communications. As an expert in the field, he has published over 250 papers in international conferences and reputable journals, such as IEEE Transactions and Magazines. He holds 15 patents, four of which are the basis of Farhang Wireless’ technology. He has authored two textbooks on “Adaptive Filters” and “Software Radios”.

TVC-SecondaryLogoUniversity of Utah Technology Venture &  Commercialization Office: Providing ongoing legal support and business expertise, the TVC is an active and powerful partner in the future success of the company.